Is Apex Hosting Good for Minecraft?

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Minecraft is one of the most preferred games in the current gaming industry. But to run the game smoothly and enjoy it without any disturbance, you will need a robust hosting server. Gamers search a lot about the server, and even after a deep search, they do not get any substantial results. In this article, we will help you with your problem by describing in detail about Apex Hosting, which is one of the best hosting servers for Minecraft.

Apex Hosting is a USA based hosting server provider known for its excellent servers for hosting Minecraft. The firm offers a significant number of server options, some high-quality features and all at a reasonable price, making them a fantastic choice for all Minecraft lovers.

Now let us check how Apex Hosting can be a great option for hosting servers for Minecraft lovers.

Reasons for Using Apex Hosting for Minecraft

Simple to Use System

Choosing one of the ten Minecraft strategies provided here should be as simple as falling over the edge of the map. Despite promises that all plans have an infinite number of slots for players, this isn’t always the case. Slots are typically restricted by the number of gigabytes of RAM available. If one plan doesn’t meet your needs, you can switch to a different one at any moment, thanks to the fact that users have this option. However, if you’re not satisfied with either of them, you can receive a refund.

Following the selection of your server, you’ll need to set up a few things about it (such as billing cycle and your Minecraft login) and decide whether or not you want to incorporate a few extras for money. Oddly, there are only two billing cycle options (monthly or quarterly), and signing up for three months instead of one saves you only $2. In order to complete the checkout process, you’ll need to provide your contact information as well as select a payment method and create a password.

Because Apex Hosting’s control panel is a customized version of Multi Crafts easy-to-use interface, controlling your server and all of its components should become a simple process quickly. Additionally, video tutorials and a one-click mod-pack installation are both available with just a click, making things even simpler.

The inclusion of automated backups in every bundle is also important because it protects your Minecraft world.

Budget-Friendly Plans and Packages

In comparison to some of its competitors, Apex Hosting offers eleven Minecraft packages, the most affordable of which starts at $4.49 for the first month (and then goes up to $5.99 per month). However, hosting a game with all your friends may cause your computer to crash or even go up in smoke if you go with this option because it gives you 1GB of RAM and “unlimited player spaces”.

The price of a package increases linearly with the amount of RAM. It’s worth noting that the most expensive plan includes 15GB of RAM, which is a decent deal for individuals who want additional plugins, complicated modpacks, and the ability to invite nearly everyone they know to their server.

Even while Apex Hosting doesn’t provide a free trial, it does have a 7-day money-back guarantee. Apex Hosting allows credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Stripe as payment methods.

Constitute Simple and User-Friendly Website

Although the main Apex Hosting website isn’t as visually beautiful as some of the others you have seen so far, it’s easy to use. Most of the information you’ll need can be obtained with only a few mouse clicks, so you won’t be lost. For Apex hosting, cutting-edge hardware technology means no lag on any of the services they provide. As long as your hosting service has “advanced” DDoS protection, 1Gbps connections, and RAID hard drives, you should have an excellent hosting experience.

Fast Speed with Smooth Experience

Aside from the fact that Apex Hosting claims to run over 200000 Minecraft servers and have some of the industry’s top customer service, they also tout the utilization of high-performance CPUs and solid-state drives. This should imply that all of their customers may expect fast TPS and no lag. In addition, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll be able to meet Apex Hosting’s uptime guarantee, as revealed by UptimeRobot.

Quick Customer Support System

Apex Hosting had claimed to offer “the greatest assistance in the industry.” A feature they appear to be particularly proud of is their 24-hour customer service, which is available both via tickets and live chat. The chat option on their website is well-organized and serves as a one-stop-shop for the majority of issues that may arise along the road. You can also attempt to contact them on the same social media channels they are on if you use them.

While Apex Hosting’s knowledge base should be your first port of call if you prefer to solve problems independently, its YouTube channel should not be disregarded either because it offers a good number of simple-to-follow video lessons.

Beats its Competitors

For the most part, “best Minecraft host” listings place Shockbyte and Apex Hosting towards the top.

When it comes to overall server options, Shockbyte has a more comprehensive feature set, while Apex Hosting offers better customer support for a lower cost.

Similar to Apex Hosting, BisectHosting strives to make hosting a Minecraft server as simple as possible. Apex Hosting offers greater customer service, while BisectHosting has a little edge when it comes to package selections, features, and included extras. Apex Hosting also comes with daily backups, which is a huge perk.

Due to Apex Hosting’s focus on Minecraft only, you won’t find any other web hosting alternatives with BisectHosting. Bluehost is a popular web hosting alternative because, in addition to affordable pricing, it offers a comprehensive set of hosting services that may meet most users’ demands.

In comparison to all its competitors, Apex Hosting is the best option for Minecraft hosting as it has dedicated options for Minecraft.

Final Words

One of the main reasons Apex Hosting is becoming increasingly popular among Minecraft players is the wide range of server settings and complete control that it offers. Because of Apex Hosting’s quick and lag-free performance as well as backups, DDoS protection, and easy to use control panel and first-class customer service, it’s difficult to say no.

So after reading about all the reasons and features of Apex Hosting that it offers for hosting Minecraft, it can be concluded that it is the best option.

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