How to Get Ark S+ for Xbox

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Written By Allan Brooks

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If you are one of the Xbox gaming enthusiasts in for some high-end experience, then the latest version of ARK S Plus is just for you. The S Plus item is the latest and exclusive in-game item for the ARK mods that enables new bonuses and abilities for your access. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to get access to the ARK S+ mode and start playing.

  • Get the latest updated version 
  • Go to the inventory screen
  • Go to ‘S plus’ item
  • Select ‘S Plus’ item to load The Island
  • Once ‘S Plus’ item is unlocked start playing

Further, we will discuss the steps in detail so that there is no room for confusion and you can enjoy the new features without any hassle. First, get hold of the prerequisites to avail the best Xbox gaming experience.


What you are going to need

  • Microsoft Xbox gaming ARK console of series X.
  • Properly connected console along with the controller and an activated system.
  • Connection to the internet.
  • The latest updated version of the Xbox ARK console downloaded from the Xbox store.

Step 1 – Latest updated version

After you are done with the device, ARK console, connections, and all that, you need to check whether you have the latest updated version of the ARK mods or not. If yes, then you are good to go for the next step or else, visit the Xbox store and install the updated version downloaded. 

Step 2 – Go to the inventory screen

Once you are done with the update, open the game and go to the Xbox games. Now you can choose the game you want and play. You need to go to the inventory screen of your character. 

Step 3 – Go to ‘S plus’ item

If you are in the inventory screen, then scroll down until you get to see the ‘S Plus’ item. To initiate the process of acquiring the ‘S Plus’ features you need to select the item. 

Step 4 – Select ‘S Plus’ item to load The Island

Once you select the ‘S Plus’ item, it will start the ARK mod to download the bonus level named The Island. This level is for gamers who are looking for an advanced level with tougher obstacles and creatures to compete with. 

Step 5 – Once ‘S Plus’ item is unlocked start playing

After the bonus level of The Island is completed, it will unlock the ‘S Plus’ item. Unlocking the ‘S Plus’ item will enable its advanced features of it and you will get a ready-to-use game to start with. Check all the features before you start playing to squeeze the best out of it. 

Final thoughts 

S Plus ARK is the new Xbox platform that has been designed for Xbox gaming enthusiasts. It is helpful for gamers on the beginners’ level and also helps in enhancing the gameplay of the experts due to its essential feature that allows users to connect with one another. If you also want to enjoy the new features of this gaming console then download and activate the ‘S Plus’ item and start playing.