How to Host ARK Server on PC?

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The thrill of playing ARK: Survival Evolved is tempered by the difficulty of finding an affordable and reliable ARK server host option. It’s a good thing that setting up your own ARK dedicated server is a less expensive option. To save you money, in this article, we have put together this comprehensive guide that will help you to host an ARK server on a PC.

Hosting ARK Server refers to hosting a space where different players can come together to play the ARK game, given that they have their personal IP addresses.

So now, let us jump to the basics of ARK Server hosting by learning the types of ARK Server.

Hosting Local ARK Server

On Windows

Right-click ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. Select local files and then click Browse my computer to look for files on your computer. Proceed to ShooterGame, then click on Binaries and then Win64 by selecting it from the menu bar. A new batch file will have to be created. An executable batch file is a collection of instructions that may be run from the command line by the command line interpreter.

Click on New and then on Text Document in the ShooterGameServer.exe file. This will open a new text document in your current program. Paste the following code into the file you just opened.


On Linux

The syntax may need to be adjusted for Linux users. In Linux, instead of working with a batch file, you’ll use a shell file, which is a bit different. After that, open a text editor and paste the code you just copied in there.

Save the file in the Linux server files folder after you’re finished. As a result of Linux’s security features, it restricts which files may be executed and which cannot. Therefore, it is preferable if you execute the file first to ensure that it is functional or not. You may now start the server by using a terminal and inputting the file name into the address bar.

Third-Party Tools for ARK Servers

Everything on your server must be done manually so you can avoid relying on third-party upgrades and be prepared if something goes wrong. There are a few tools available to help server administrators set up and manage their machines.

Users of Windows will find Ark Server Manager to be an invaluable tool. It allows you to schedule backups, restarts, and server upgrades, as well as automate SteamCMD installation. There are several starting materials in the official forum.

ARK Server Tools is a great solution if you can’t use Windows. When compared to doing everything by hand, it’s a lot easier to use and install, but it doesn’t have as many features. Ark Commander, available for Windows only, gives admins the ability to quickly generate things, issue god mode orders, and more.

Types of Servers

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is run by a single player; however, as the number of players increases, so does the amount of ram and memory required. However, you can’t play the game on the same system that’s serving as the server. To play and host a server at the same time, you’d need two PCs or one PC and one Xbox. This server does have one advantage: you have complete control over the configuration.

Non-Dedicated Servers

In order to play with a few buddies, a non-dedicated server is an ideal option. You’ll be able to host and play the game simultaneously with your own settings, but the one drawback is that any players that join may only go 500 meters away from the main host.

You’ll also be able to destroy any spawning randoms since they’ll appear right by you, protecting your domesticated creatures from danger. This sort of server is ideal for those who wish to travel the globe with their buddies and establish a stronghold without worrying about being invaded.

Singleplayer Server

Ark: Survival Evolved single player mode is self-explanatory; you’re dropped into a map alone without the opportunity of meeting up with any other random players. You may go exploring, make new things, tame animals, and change the game’s settings to your liking.

When it comes to being attacked by other players, this isn’t the server for you. Instead, you’ll be able to concentrate on taming animals without worrying about your health. To make things even more interesting, you have the option of using several cheat codes at once.

Official Servers

Studio Wildcard-created and -run official servers are the best option for new players; however, be aware that they are designed with novices in mind. As a result, if you want to create an epic base that will remain for forever, you might think about creating your own server so that you have control over the laws that govern its existence.

Unofficial Servers

These are third-party servers that you rent but have control over the parameters. These are expensive to rent, but renting them has the advantage of having backups in case something goes wrong. Also, unlike dedicated and non-dedicated servers, which rely on you as the host to stay up at all times, this server will never shut down.

Final Words

There are no limitations on how big or small an ARK Server may be or what operating system it can run under. It’s critical to remember, though, that your effort doesn’t end here. Many people neglect server upkeep and backups, which they later come to regret.

When you shut down your server, either use the tools listed above or copy the ‘/ShooterGame/Saved/SavedArks’ directory to your computer.

Regardless of your decision, it’s critical to test your backups on a regular basis. Don’t merely verify that the backup and restoration processes are operating by checking the folder.

As part of maintaining server security, make sure you’re always keeping your operating system up to date. Update your operating system with the latest security and feature patches for Windows and Linux. This is not a good habit to get into, but it’s a good one to have anyhow.

Changing your server password is no different. Editing your settings file on a regular basis will make it more difficult for attackers and ensure that everyone with access has been cycled out.

As a last note, hardware may fail you just as quickly as software. Ensure that you do hard drive tests, maintain a cool server, and keep an eye on the resources it consumes. Every one of these pointers is designed to make your Ark server more reliable and exciting to play on for both you and your players.

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