How To Host ARK Server on Your XBOX

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In ARK: Survival Evolved, you play as a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s your job to hunt, gather, create, produce crops and build shelters to ensure your survival as a lone survivor on a mystery island. ARK has recently grown in popularity as a game to host on a private game server.

ARK Server hosting on Xbox is a method of hosting ARK Server on the Xbox console, making the Xbox console the host through which players from various places join in one server and enjoy the game.

This article will guide you about ARK Server hosting on Xbox and all other related updates regarding it. So read and grab the interesting information.

Is it Possible to Host ARK Server on Xbox?

As the world is getting advanced, so is the gaming industry. So now you can run the ARK server on the Xbox using third-party ARK server providers. But it is worth noting that running an ARK server on Xbox is a little more complicated than running it on PC as PC provides you with more options and features to customize your gaming experience, which is a little bit restricted in Xbox ARK Server Hosting. But if you just wish to enjoy the gaming experience with some of your friends and you own an Xbox, then it is a great way to pass out your time and have a fun gaming experience.

How Can You Host ARK Server on Xbox?

Hosting ARK Server on Xbox is now possible using the third-party ARK hosting service provider Nitrado. Currently, Nitrado is the leading Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game server hosting firm for ARK servers.

Servers for ARK may only be bought through the Nitrado App on the Microsoft Store if you’re using an Xbox One or Windows 10 computer. One of the best things you can enjoy buying hosting on Nitrado is that the more slots you purchase, the less price you pay for the slot.

ARK console servers are available from a few different hosting firms; however, Nitrado is the most well-known name in the console ARK server market.

Features Offered by Nitrado for ARK Server Hosting on Xbox

For hosting ARK Server on Xbox, Nitrado offers lots of amazing features that bring ease to the customer hosting server on Xbox. Some of the best features offered by Nitrado are:

  • Instant access to Nitrado’s services because of the prepaid method.
  • There’s no agreement; thus, there aren’t any requirements.
  • Easily switch between a variety of readily available services.
  • Simple control of all services from a single place
  • Nitrado’s prepaid mechanism allows complete control over costs.

Things to Check Before Buying Third-Party ARK Server Hosting

Only Pay if it is Worth Paying

Let us begin by saying that quality usually comes at a price. A cheaper ARK server host will have less performance than a better (and more costly) one.

In addition to server performance, quality also includes support response time, mod support, and many more things. However, if you simply want to operate a modest server for you and a few buddies, don’t pay too much for the greatest host on the planet.

Best Customer Support

The importance of customer service cannot be overstated since you will inevitably encounter issues with your server.

Look at the ARK Hosting Provider knowledge base to see whether they have a lot of helpful information. Aside from the fact that it’ll aid you in server setup and troubleshooting, it typically signifies the organization in question understands what they’re doing.

Another factor to think about is response speed, which you can usually discover in reviews.

There’s no shame in paying a little extra for superior customer service, regardless of your level of technical knowledge.

Refund Policy

A return policy is available from certain ARK Server Providers, which is useful for testing the waters before committing. If you’re thinking of getting into ARK server hosting, think twice.

Refund policies are advantageous because of this. GTX Gaming and PingPerfect both provide a 24-hour refund policy. No questions asked Host Havoc offers a 72-hour money-back guarantee.

In addition, some businesses even provide risk-free trials. If a company is confident enough in their servers to back it with a money-back guarantee, it’s one you should consider working with.

History of the Server Providers

A good technique to judge the quality of a hosting firm is to look at its past performance. Take a look at how long they’ve been in business and whether or not they provide ARK server hosting. Older businesses will (ideally) have a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service and assistance.

However, a newcomer to ARK may not be familiar with all of the features available on an ARK server.

Server Locations of the Hosting Provider

Finally, check to see if the web host offers a server location close to you and your friends before signing up with them. The higher your performance is, the closer you are to the server.

A server in another continent will have lower latency and laggy performance, which nobody wants with the ARK server hosting provider.

So these were some of the most important points that you need to keep in mind while selecting the ARK server hosting provider for hosting ARK Server on Xbox.

Final Words

So it can be concluded that it’s possible to host an ARK server on Xbox, but you may face some restrictions. But it’s a great way if you want to enjoy yourself with some of your friends or just want to play alone and pass your time and explore the game and the world of dinosaurs. For hosting the ARK Server on Xbox, you can reach out to Nitrado’s website, which offers the best service and offers you with best features and budget-friendly packages. So check out the best plan for yourself and enjoy the game.

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